Suffer more than fifa coins the fans

One-eighth this World Cup final extra-time and penalties to make a profound impression, fifa coins 8 games with a total of 5 games into overtime, 2 of which are entering the cruel penalties, this is a brutal test for the players. According to Yahoo Sports reported, FIFA prepared big changes to the game, if the games go into overtime, each team can again, one, that is, up to 4 one-eighth the number of substitutions in the final of the playoffs let fans complain repeatedly, especially Chinese fans stayed up late to watch the ball. Suffer more than the fans, the players in such a situation is very hard, after a report showed that Belgium will, Tong Hang, even after vomiting in the qualifying play-off situation, competition is evident in the strength of the case, FIFA might make major changes! According to Yahoo Sports, a number of media leaks, FIFA World Cup quota of substitutions were being discussed, which is discussing the central issue of the next World Cup if both sides the match go into overtime, then they will be able to use the 4th change places, take place, this will be the tournament the first time such a situation as early as 2012.