Kosovo and Albania to participate fifa 15 coins

At present, the gunuzhayi for Manchester United in the Premier League this season, fifa 15 coins made 19 appearances, scoring 3 goals, dedication 2 assists last month also won Manchester United within the month honors. He is only 19 years old, the future is bright gunuzhayi grandparents were from Turkey and Serbia, while his parents were from Kosovo and Albania, according to Europe within three generations can be eligible for citizenship practices, gunuzhayi can represent Turkey, and Serbia, Kosovo and Albania to participate. In addition, because gunuzhayi was born in the Belgium capital of Brussels, and grew up in Belgium Giants Anderlecht for training, he can represent Belgium national team.Apparently, Fergie is really nasty, he scolded not so much to Manchester City rather than find a decent reason for lost the Championship. That statement really is not short, due to the Marshal's face, and no one dares to express any doubts at the scene, "we select any player there are reasonable grounds, we have invested in players who played for the team for a long time, they will contribute to shape the personality of the team. There is no doubt that we are determined to follow this path as the most successful club in Premier League history, endured the humiliation of Manchester United a season, seventh place, it is a worthless ranking between the Champions League and avoid relegation.