World Cup version in on-line day

May is right people and, World Cup version in on-line day, on by many game enthusiasts fifa coins and fans of great concern, and in sports class game in the champion we not difficult found Dang most movement brand, and sports class swims still since solid Yu single, and narrow of circle, blindly of to by all passed professional sports knowledge and old of movement spirit Shi, FIFA Online 3 has understands has sports and entertainment, and leads and views who twin accompanied by of mystery. Power of sports has inherent charm, while the movement as one of the greatest football pays homage to capture the perfect weapon of mass emotional concerns. The winning ways of the FIFA Online 3 is so that everyone became a World Cup hero, became history for match results and rewriting of decision-makers.Why is the report released, because in 2010, the Swiss Federal Court and the agreement between FIFA, FIFA, Joao Havelange, Teixeira told the Court to pay a fine, the Court end the investigation of the case, and not formally charged any defendant. FIFA later in order to prevent the scandal and has since refused to release court documents, until the change in attitude at the end of last year, agreed to open the files, but then kicked the ball to the open file Switzerland Federal Court. Eventually, numerous media, including the BBC a letter to Switzerland's Supreme Court, to "the public's right to" material published by them upon request.