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But FIFA is carrying dead, emphasizing the authority of the referee and even part of a referee's mistake and landscaping into the game, have to say that real implementation of the idea of introducing cheap fifa coins Hi-tech means in the event of scientific thought, as if enacting more stringent laws and regulations, but the strict rules and regulations significantly limit the person's subjective judgments. Rules do not recognize identification under the eagle eye of referee inadvertent or intentional miscarriage can be greatly restricted, there may be a lot less or rights in the event of impact of the human will. All play by the rules, FIFA's influence, high-level influence is greatly reduced, so England team n years and tens of millions of fans worldwide, England in the face of the will and rights of the individual were trivial people first evolved into someone as, is also a portrayal of social development with the times.When temperatures on the ground does not meet the Chinese team, local golf course is extremely irregular, not only short and narrow the field, which was strewn with small stones. Viet Nam player movement is very rude, they will be dashed against the ground after a Chinese player, was yet another iron-shod to trample on the chest of Chinese players. The Chinese player unconscious at the scene.