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With the lessons of last year's Confederations Cup, in order to prevent recurrence of mass cheap fifa 15 coins violent demonstrations and Brazil during the World Cup for a total investment of more than 100,000 people, including police and military personnel, which is Brazil's largest-ever security linkage plan. Troops, armed police, police, police, and fire departments together, race to secure safety in the streets of the city, especially the match of the day, can be seen everywhere wearing various uniforms of security officers appeared, and intensive three-step a gang which is totally free, five-step a whistle to describe, and patrol helicopters hovered in the air back and forth early in the morning. Police involved in security terms, pistols, handcuffs, batons, tear gas, these are standard equipment, SWAT, more complete equipment such as helmets, body armour, knee ended before the final, the security smooth linkage plan effectively to defend the World Cup.But don't forget, France team had home been Bulgaria winner, lost the 1994 United States World Cup finals and then came out to the 1998 Home World Cup chopped Brazil won the drama. We really cannot expect the national soccer team coached by night into a fine, but it's not like South Africa as the host team in the group stage and were destroyed.