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It is well known that women's movements in the preliminary stage, is developing rapidly, cheap fifa coins but soon encounter a bottleneck – more difficult to build commercialization and professionalization, which makes many love football, girls had to leave in the middle of the game of football talent. In General, the girls play in football until the age of 16, 17, level reached a very high level, but at this point would be faced with serious choices, is to continue to play, or is it because you don't see prospects of playing, but gave up halfway. FIFA U17 women's World Cup tournament's motives here, is to give girls who loves football in the world, as well as the countries and areas of the women's movement, provides a platform for events, let the girl in world cups to show their football talent, let them see the hope of playing.In fact, it was because of the charm of football fans all over the world, before the World Cup tournament has a Supreme position. And not because of the existence of this goal of the World Cup, before fans start concentrating on football, sometimes people tend to reverse the causality, which is particularly evident in Chinese football. Chinese football for years balked, and utilitarian attitude and public pressures are not unrelated.