Egypt giants Al-ahly team fifa coins

Egypt, Bur Said, 1st 74 CNS February 2-consolidated media reports, Egypt port said 1st held a football match, fans of the two teams clashed after the game, fifa coins Agence France-Presse reported that at least 74 people have been killed. FIFA said that it is "day of disaster in the history of football" game the two teams were Egypt giants Al-ahly team and home located in port said, El-Masri. Live television footage showed after the final whistle, Masri team score to 3-1 win.Ai Shangzhen Yoga (3) daily yoga, science diet, scientific and complementary. Simply put, I personally insisted exercise as the premise, use nutrition knowledge to keep me in good shape. Whatever practices yoga every day, I am also a senior Yoga instructor, but I also like to swim.Mr Naganuma Jian was born in 1930, grow from player to coach, eventually becoming Japan coach, hides from the national head coach position back, he did not leave football. Being a Japan Football Association Chairman, who helped Japan's football career to a new level, leaving Japan after the Football Association, he also served as a football consultant role. In June this year, Naganuma kin died due to illness.