cheap fifa 15 coins World Cup Memorial notes

2014 Brazil World Cup is this year global most by attention of sports event, no is one of, this year, Brazil World Cup is following 1950 Brazil cheap fifa 15 coins World Cup zhihou World Cup second times in Brazil held, world are in for its crazy boiling whenever Grand of sports events will produced great of souvenirs, last 2008 Beijing Games break history first issued Olympic Memorial notes, 6 years zhihou of today, FIFA break World Cup history, issued 84 years World Cup history Shang first gold "World Cup Memorial notes" Meanwhile, it is also the world's first top-flight "Gold Commemorative", with a monumental Memorial "World Cup gold money" by FIFA's official authorization and adhering to the 2008 Olympic Games commemorative banknote design concepts, combined with current Brazil World Cup the major elements designed by; 2gAu.999 gold, face mainly uses the 2014 Brazil World Cup emblem, mascot and Stadium designs ; Opposite product mainly used the 2014 Brazil World Cup emblem and athletic silhouette. Global only limited sale 1 million gold, not only than Olympic Memorial notes increased has gold, and more rare reportedly, "World Cup gold notes" and General notes size similar, but thickness is only General notes of one-fifth, more let people praise of is, so thin of gold notes unexpectedly is duplex fine stamped, on even 1 mm following of text are clear visible, was amazing, a debut on obtained I province people of sought after "World Cup gold notes" can be described as very with collection value. According to product manager Cao Yawei of Shijiazhuang, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank branch that, first of all, it is the world's first sporting "Golden commemorative".