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On September 6, 2013 FIFA news management training in Tianjin-China football association ends. China FA Deputy President Lin Xiaohua, fifa coins and Tianjin football movement Management Center Deputy Director Liu chunming, and FIFA Media relationship Director Duncan ladies, and TV Department Greek de Mr, and new media digital Department Frank Mr, and Development Department Asia competent Mu Diya Mr, and FIFA official website head Liu Junsheng Mr, and Tsinghua University public relations and strategy spread Institute, Director of Dong guanpeng, Mr, and and from each Member Association, and in the Super, and in the methyl Club and the in the Super company, and Ford treasure company total more than 80 over people participate in has this times courses. During the course, "Chinese Football Association, China Team" men's international football match with Singapore soccer competitions will also be held on September 6, 19:35.United Kingdom, the Sunday Times reported last month, several journalists posing as United States corporate lobbyist Corps, approached two FIFA officials in Cairo, seeking two people support the United States bid to host the 2018 World Cup results, two people promise to lobbyists, pledged to hand voted for United States, but offer a lot of money. They coincide to a football school for items, one for $ 800,000, another asking price as high as $ 2.3 million and asked for money to have to pay in advance for them personally. One of them also revealed that two other bidding countries had "funded" by 10 million to $ 12 million contribution will be held on December 2 in Zurich of FIFA vote on right to host both the 2018 and 2022 world cups who blossoms.