Hammam must be less than cheap fifa coins

Due to FIFA articles provides, FIFA Assembly in election President Shi to after all 208 a Member Association of collective voting, who cheap fifa coins can in first round voting won more than 23 more number or in second round won more than 12 more number on will won, so this means with Blatter in FIFA core right layer--Executive Committee of power advantage will was greatly weakened, even Blatter can master all 24 a Executive of votes, also cannot guarantees himself has grasp win such of game rules decided has, Blatter and Bin Hammam must be less than 1.5 months to come to know as much as possible in the time of intensive diplomatic offensive in all member associations to enlist more support. Harman has recently focused on India, China and other Asian countries and regions to start canvassing votes loud actions. And Blatter also no free with, he is has about 40 a Member Association of North Sino-US and the Caribbean for access due to FIFA Assembly will in FIFA headquarters located Zurich held, as a Switzerland people, Blatter undoubtedly in home full occupy has "location" of advantage, in this Shang HA Mann obviously not opponents, Qatar people only in "people and" Shang effort as years of Asia AFC President, Asia undoubtedly is HA Mann of forces range, West is its most reliable of Foundation, and East aspects, Widely in international football network Korea Zheng mengzhun football bosses have publicly expressed support for Harman, Harman's votes in the region is expected to be guaranteed in the Federation of FIFA's 6, Africa, North and Central American and the Caribbean, Oceania and South America will be the Bin Hammam and Blatter of some key areas.