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Distance closer to the opening of the World Cup, World Cup-related shares on fifa 15 coins the a-share market also started to warm up. Analysts said the financial intervention stocks in the past two weeks before the start of the World Cup or so, possibly because this year the market atmosphere, hot spots and more dispersed, so funding will advance hype related concepts. Shen Wan investment adviser Gu Pengfei said that "in General, Fund intervention concept was about two weeks before the start of the World Cup.Blatter said, "football is a sport for all mankind, everyone should have the right to enjoy football brought people happiness. Meanwhile, football for teenagers is significant, which is why efforts to create better conditions so that we can get more kids to enjoy and learn about football. ”Yet before the final coffin in the FIFA vote-buying scandals, FIFA President Sepp Blatter will not be safe. Former UEFA President Johansson said yesterday, he was heard to lose between Blatter and FIFA presidential campaign, it is because someone bought the votes according to the United Kingdom, the daily mirror reported, has lately been not targeted at FIFA-bribery scandal said Johansson finally burst out. "I think I'm in a position to say this, because I was one of the candidates in the 1998 election.