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That is, buy set Villa, about needs 3 years around in Japan Tokyo downtown buy fifa 15 coins set new of apartments unit, area 80 square meters of House, with parking, but 30 million yen, to is area also in 100 square meters around, equivalent Yuan 2.28 million Yuan, by area is, each square meters 22800 Yuan, to Tokyo public income 3 million yen around calculation, General to work 10 years around can buy have up House Switzerland is world prices Supreme of national is one of. With prices the highest in Zurich, for example, prices per square meter in downtown Zurich or scenic spot about Swiss franc 25007000, or 15,400 Yuan per square meter. Set of 100 square meters of houses, at $ 15.2 million Swiss francs, or about $ 901.2 million Yuan.FIFA Secretary General Jerome valcke on 19th to Brazil World Cup 12 host cities Stadium in the final round of polling. In experience has long of engineering period and frequency sent of accident zhihou, World Cup Stadium delivered work finally entered last of countdown Walker trip of first station is Sao Paulo, he first view has trouble constantly of Iraq Tower cover pulled Stadium, this seat will Yu June 12 held World Cup unveiled war of stadium currently also left 20,000 a temporary seat no installation, Stadium within also basic no phone signal, also was worries of also has Curitiba and library Asia BA two seat city of game site Walker said, FIFA operations teams have been dispatched to the major competition venues for the final "supervision", prepared for the transition. "We still face a very daunting task.