Stadium against the fifa 15 coins

2014 goal League season AFC Guangzhou evergrande on February 26 the first of the double defending opponent, they are next up at Tianhe Stadium against the fifa 15 coins AFC's first group match rivals Australia Melbourne victory squad yesterday morning, diyamandicai and Lippi returned to Guangzhou. When he arrived in jinshazhou hengda hotel, Diamanti was last seen wearing a Brown sweater, jeans and sneakers, blond hair, as always, stand up and messy, compared with past South American foreign aid, Diamanti looked very fashionable when asked why evergrande, Diamanti for three reasons, foreign culture, China's wife and constant power. "I have in the United Kingdom (press note: the 2009-2010 season with West Ham United) spent for overseas culture have always been interested in.

1998 World Cup score by 1, the 2002 World Cup points earned by 2, the sum of the two divided by 3, is the team's average score (rounded integer). Like, Brazil is 1998 World Cup runner-up (31 points), 2002 champion (32 points), this items scored is (311) (322) 331.7 points, rounded Hou for 32 points in world ranking aspects, calculation of not absolute ranking, but 32 strong of relative ranking: like Brazil in 2003, and 2004 and 2005 of world ranking are is 32 strong of first name, that they each items scored is 32 points, average points still is 32 points. Brazil team will two items scored added, last must is divided into 64 points according to above formula integrated calculation, Brazil team 64 points, and England team 51 points, and Spain team 50 points, and Germany team 49 points, and Mexico team 47 points, and France team 46 points, and Argentina team and Italy team are is 44 points, currently world ranking 8th of United States team only to 1 points poor was excluded in seed team zhiwai.