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Argentina team, while the runner-up, fifa coins but the team's striker Guillermo Stabile scored 8 goals to become top scorer at the World Cup. And get the tournament's best player, he is acknowledged as the best player is 30. Second in 1934 Italy World Cup final Italy VS Slovakia World Cup's success has made the second list of teams was increased to 31 teams for the World Cup, FIFA's first Invitational competition system with Chau, winning 16 teams enter the final lap, this system has been used in the continuous improvement to the present day.

FIFA Club World Cup, FIFA Club World Cup for short, is a hosted by FIFA, from six continents Club take part in top-level international club competitions first Club World Cup to be held in 2000, but is responsible for the bankruptcy of FIFA's marketing company, the competition is in the second year lockout until 2005, FIFA and Toyota Cup Organization Committee, will be launched two competitions merged reloading. FIFA Secretary General Jerome valcke has publicly disclosed, at a single World Cup match fee of US $ 25 million, including 7 teams during the bonus, entry fees, accommodation and food costs. Fees shall be by the organizers to take from the invested amount, FIFA Club World Cup than the World Cup.