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England and Argentina's two matches, Germany played 41 and 40 in a row by a wide margin, cheap fifa 15 coins for a time, "Germanic chariot" has attracted the attention of fans throughout the world. Semi-final against Spain, Germany media cheered: the Euro 2008 finals, Spain with Torres's goal 10 to beat Germany, finally won the Championship. In they seems, "revenge" of when to has, because "now of Spain no threat" Although Thomas Mueller due to cumulative yellow suspended, will missed semi-final, but Loew hand in also has enough of brand can playing, Piotr trochowski, and cross and card exam are can as this a location, so now looks, this does not is big problem "football Emperor" Beckenbauer is satisfaction now of Germany, he claimed: "Germany team of strength to is superior to Spain, 2008 of that field contest description can't what problem.Mexico's victory is considered to be the entire Latin America world events, Puerto Rico star Richie. Martin, United States renowned Cuban-born rapper Pete. Boolean, Mexico sent a message. Brazil after the game to love to marry Talia Ochoa, this time in his own car through the whole game. As Latin America's population and overall strength second only to Brazil's States, Mexico has a very strong cultural influence, but not at football and Argentina compared.