Defender into the fifa coins penalty area

1 minutes later, Jong Tae-se in the Dain breakthrough three Brazil foot low shot after fifa coins Defender into the penalty area, the ball was confiscated by the Cesar. The first 12 minutes, and Maicon cross the line on the right side, shortage of elano picked shot in the penalty area, RI Myong-the ball in the 16th minute, insert the edge of the area left-foot volley before CHA Jong Hyok missed the far post. 3 minutes later, Wen Renguo hanging 50 metres away a foot of the Super-far-distance shot, plucked directly by Cesar.Media analysis, calculated in accordance with welcome 600 visitors a day, Paul can provide tickets for 15 euros a day the Oberhausen Aquarium brings nearly a million euros of revenue. Because of Paul's effects and economic benefits of public opinion about its origin, also sparked a new controversy Germany Bild said, baoluonaichun Italy, "man." Allegedly, Paul trainer in Italy Elba in the middle of the beach, picked Paul, when Paul was only 4 weeks old and on Paul's life, Oberhausen Aquarium there is another version.As we all know, headed by President Sepp Blatter of FIFA World Cup was hosted by its products and of its cash cow, with F1, the world's three major events of the Olympic Games, for which FIFA's revenue-generating countless. In addition, Blatter for money regardless of the parties opposed, one hand advocates hosted the Confederations Cup, FIFA Club World Cup, its aim is to gain more market gains, and squeezing the UEFA competitions of its profit margins. Cannot only rely on the Champions League, UEFA European Championship held every 4 years and FIFA counterpart, so that it will be difficult to counteract the FIFA tournament monopoly in resource and economic benefit.