Suarez bite facts incontrovertible

In Italy the media view, cheap fifa 15 coins Suarez bite facts incontrovertible, biting people's motives are also apparent, Uruguay striker always lost Giorgio Chiellini in the fight, so the heart like a evil. Because they are dissatisfied with the referee ignored, Chiellini was very angry and he had the referees after the game Mourinho's famous "handcuff" gesture, intended to satire referees dominated the game and he is an Angel, and the devil, always bring blood expounder of the victory to our fans, are stuck in the thick of morality itself. Look to the soccer world, willing to prove themselves with their teeth are few, but is able to complete bite "hat-trick", it is only the Uruguay winger Luis Suarez God alone.This means that, to qualify, then 4 minute is more reliable for the bottom line. Portugal and Denmark for two relatively weak teams, they had in the Netherlands or Germany getting points, and then waiting to bite opponent, could upset the outlet. If Portugal VS Denmark is arrangements in last a round words, that this group situation may will relative clear, but just this field game arrangements in 2nd round, several can certainly, this group of outlet situation in Qian two round after still will compared chaos since is death of group, each team strength gap and not is big, that some details of arrangements may will effects each team of situation.