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In late March, 2014 FIFA Brazil World Cup flag bearers selected activities in cheap fifa coins Chengdu station end. 15-year old Tang Lake middle school student Liu Chaoyang, Chengdu from 30 football players stand out, he is going to come from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou Division 3 teenagers went to Brazil in Sao Paulo as the flag of the 2014 World Cup semi-final. Worth a mention of is, he of father is Sichuan full XING era famous of striker Liu through football knowledge competing answer, and game show and dream Declaration three big links site competed, including Sichuan football legend Yao Xia, and Chengdu foot tube Center Director gujianming zainei of three bit mentor site scoring, Liu Chaoyang obtained Supreme points, beat other 20 name girl and 9 name boy, obtained Chengdu Division only a Zhang flew to Brazil of tickets, to semi-final nursing standard-bearer identity participation World Cup.Unfortunately, Samba to go home earlier. In 2006, Brazil bonus is $ 260,000 each. According to Brazil, domestic media reported, local World Cup for the Brazil Football Federation raised 360 million dollars of huge sponsoring, FA earnings and boiling black and white poles that people are more concerned about livelihood issues, to boycott the World Cup to protest the disparity, and won the 1958, 1962, 1970 and also pay special attention to the exploits of three-time World Cup champion player lives.