FIFA has started internal survey fifa 15 coins

However, similar fifa 15 coins events have not been in the wake of other problems of the two safety, after FIFA, the local government and the Organizing Committee of tripartite consultations, all host cities including maracana Stadium's security level is then increased, in passages and crowd control point increased security personnel, and step up surveillance of key personnel at all Stadium. Since then, no recurrence of a similar incident in addition, tickets will be a World Cup ticket, it is reported, even FIFA officials could also allegedly scalping World Cup tickets FIFA uncirculated tickets from entering the illicit market, undoubtedly is a big security risk. And media said FIFA has started internal survey, troubleshooting whether has "insiders" involving pour votes behavior among, and FIFA officials hands of votes whether inflow illegal trading market for World Cup, Brazil people of pros and cons feelings coexist, Brazil Government actual investment tens of billions of dollars for organized Federation Cup, and World Cup and in about games this three big events, makes many Brazil people deeply discontent, so from last year Federation Cup began, to forced Government put more funds inputs medical education, livelihood field, Brazil a large-scale protest March, however, when after the start of the World Cup, Brazil scramble around, usually busy w Gaston Avenue in Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil after the game almost no vehicles or pedestrians passing demonstrations died down.