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Salman has not fifa coins exhausted their energy on energy with each other, is a continuation of his "conciliatory diplomacy." At yesterday's meeting, the proposal was eventually adopted by 42 votes to 3, won a landslide. To the AFC a Chinese staff member to explain to Beijing Youth daily reporter said that "effective management and communication of Salman to win in terms of their patience.But insiders revealed, 4K TV has only emphasized the 4K Panel on the market now, many products are not even 4K video input or the decoding function, in this case, 4K is just a 4K Panel, like regular TV is no different. Another situation is itself is a normal TV, just join a 2K go 4K transcoder, can enhance the quality of results. These are pseudo-4K products, but almost all are sold on behalf of 4K, the average consumer is very easy to hit gridlock or 4 k TV 4K monitor.The meeting lasted less than 10 minutes on both sides. Liu said "concrete results, I don't know. I have now had carte blanche to lawyer this thing. Recently, Barrios and evergrande's contract dispute make FIFA's dispute resolution Chamber (DRC) overnight is well known. But FIFA kamaqiaoruo appeal, to hear and decide I'm afraid of DRC. Destinies of the Chinese Football Association, I'm afraid someone else platform for FIFA to deal with international disputes has two, the dispute resolution Chamber (DRC) mainly deals with disputes between players and clubs, including labor contracts, the original Club raises the fee dispute.