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But Lu in order to improve buy fifa 15 coins the operational capacity of the Chinese soccer referee, was invited to comment on in television football referees at home and abroad. This according to the regulations of the FIFA match officials are illegal, so Lu last year apply to the Asian Football Confederation President Mohamed Bin Hammam resign as members of the AFC Referees Committee was accepted, now you can speak freely in public media. After the first round of the AFC Champions League this year, Lu has also appeared on television in Beijing, Guoan Melbourne victory and the game referee reviews; unexpectedly, reports are coming in was taken away by public security organs.At this year's FIFA World Youth Championship, FIFA again, particularly in enhancing saifeng problem. In two support team points quite of situation Xia, except General of than net WINS ball, and scored number and mutual between game points, and net WINS ball and scored number zhiwai, also introduced has fair competition system a items, if General of compared method cannot worked, red yellow number, additional of digital may on can decided a support team of fate, if in the Green team Hou two round performance General, and because these and was eliminated, that is too wronged has scored aspects, Chile shine, on Honduras big opened killing, unexpectedly to 7:0 thrashing of, Scored number high home topped, and team in the of several players, as prahlada and fengsalida, also and Ukraine of Aliyev with into two ball, row in striker list topped in shot times aspects, Chile is to 20 times shot high home topped, and team although only has 12 times shot, but shot of efficiency quite high, 8 times shot only row in Chile and Australia behind, this point also is very worth pride in red yellow number aspects, Egypt temporarily to 2 red 4 yellow in topped, and Italy and Nigeria obtained has five Zhang yellow, China and Panama are 4 yellow cards, tied in 4th place.