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Here, not only of evergrande fifa coins brand gained publicity, stirred over the backwater evergrande mode first brought about by the increase in intensity is the League, evergrande burn effects of lead, set off an arms race among the various teams, clubs reluctant to spend money in time has passed. According to rough statistics, the 2012 season 16 Super League clubs and the total investment of 3 billion yuan, on average each club's invested nearly 200 million Yuan, close to the Japan j-League, while close to Korea twice times the k-League. According to FIFA, Super ranked 15th in the global purchasing power in the transfer market, the first in Asia.FIFA even to thank Werner past achievements: "FIFA led to Werner things come to such an end very much regret his FIFA, in particular Caribbean football's contribution will be remembered. Werner volunteered to leave FIFA where he had worked for 30 years, he is now selected as Trinidad and Tobago's people and Government continue to work, he is also Chairman of the largest political party in the local. ”FIFA's official website said that Drogba will travel to China, received 200,000 euros was paid 2.5 years contract France any person network, said Drogba will go to China to find his partner Nicolas Anelka in Chelsea, he will earn twice as long as Chelsea's salary. In addition, United Kingdom BBC website boldly predicted that Drogba's first show was July 25, Shenhua commercial game with Manchester United. Of course, news from Shanghai Shenhua Club, Howard debut may also be advanced to July 14 at home against Beijing Guoan, all depending on its State and the coaching arrangement decisions.