China stopped the fifa coins downward trend

From the points of view, China's total score fell from 469 points from last month fifa coins to this month's 463 points, but in terms of world rankings, China stopped the downward trend, from 73rd last month, up 3 to 70th. In Asia, the Chinese team is still 5th team leading 6th Asia Uzbekistan team advantage 11 minutes. On November 11 and November 15, China will have the World Cup qualifier away in Iraq and the Singapore team, these two games are China's battle of life and death, only a win could keep their qualification hopes, to keep the top five locations in Asia.In the Asian region also came fifth in the rankings. And that's the worst record of the history of Chinese women's football team in the scoring period, Chinese women's team conducted a total of 9 international a-level game. 4 games including a warm-up game of which both Russia and the Netherlands.2006 Germany World Cup investment is $ 1.9 billion, 2010 South Africa World Cup spending soared to $ 4.3 billion, before becoming a 2010 biggest in successive World Cup high input. Brazil a better investment than South Africa. To host the winter games for the first time in Russia, is expected to be in Sochi has spent more than 50 billion dollars, and this may be the high costs of the host city of the summer and Winter Olympics in history.