Spanish duo will move cheap fifa coins the market

When Real Madrid bought cheap fifa coins Ronaldo from Manchester United and took out 80 million pounds of gold and silver, they introduced Bell to spend 86 million pounds last season, was first brought to Colombia Supernova j-Lo took 63 million pounds, Barcelona is spending 75 million pounds from Liverpool has introduced Suarez. Spanish duo will move the market got bloody, United's CEO Ed Woodward, not to be outdone, he said introducing the Louis van Gaal will come to any players he wants, even break the world record fee so long "in view of the various situations, it is hard to move to market assumptions. "Ed Woodward said in an interview:" what's happened is, we're not worried about investing heavily in the transfer market, regardless of whether it will break the record fee. Able to convince us invested heavily in unique conditions, is needed in this player is Louis van Gaal, and he can be a Manchester United Star. ”In the transfer market this summer, Manchester United has invested 27 million pounds to bring England striker Luke Shaw, introduced the Athletic Bilbao Herrera of 28.5 million pounds, while in January this year, they are to create a club record fee of 37.5 million pounds from Chelsea Spain internationals Juan Mata. In Ed Woodward's view, as long as Louis van Gaal, Manchester United set a new transfer fee record only minute thing: "this (a new record) within our means, of course, I'm not like your way of looking at money, as long as the coach sees the player, we will do all we can to complete the transfer. ”