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Since Ferguson Jazz retired Hou, buy fifa coins United day than day, even fried off Moyes please to world name shuaifanjiaer, situation also is so, Qian soon ushered in has League 28 most bad started, Fleet Street analysis causes, pointed out that United Hou defense exists serious of problem, in this summer sent go Nemanja Vidic and Ferdinand, two big exploits Hou, does not in in the defender of location Shang added players, despite van Gaal this summer introduction aid spend over 150 million pounds. New season has, United coach van Gaal of defensive system has been in chaos among, Smalling, and Evans and Jones, three name in the Defender not injured, is every now and then ventilation, and Blackett and McNair, two name from Echelon liters up of two name players now also difficult negative task United Kingdom media mirror reported latest news said, to upgrade Hou defense strength, United decided winter window during acquisition Hummels, coach van Gaal even has nodded, Germany King became red magic in the Defender introduction aid column single Shang of top target. For Manchester United, and winter window of time to poach Hummels was because the new Dortmund suffered in the past few years, the poor start of the season, despite the strong wasps, Champions League, Bundesliga game losing streak, at one point ranking near the bottom, until the last round 1-0 victory over Borussia moenchengladbach to stop the downward trend in five consecutive defeats.