Manchester United's first choice fifa 15 coins

As Ronaldo's former club, fifa 15 coins Manchester United have been linked with Ronaldo this summer, United Kingdom the guardian quoted informed sources as saying: "before a renewal agreement with Ronaldo at Real Madrid, is Cristiano Ronaldo returned to Manchester United's first choice. "Indeed, it is those 6 years, Ronaldo from a fledgling young players grow into the world's top players in summer 2009, Ronaldo moved to Real Madrid from Manchester United, Real Madrid paid a sky-high fee of 96 million euros, but when Manchester United come back when Cristiano Ronaldo, but they don't want to pay a penny in transfer fees on. The guardian said Ronaldo's contract with Real Madrid with only two years, in the summer of 2015, Ronaldo will resume a free agent. If Manchester United and Cristiano Ronaldo reached an agreement, both signed work contracts in the summer of 2015, then United will get Ronaldo and Manchester United share a free abacus with Paris Saint-Germain. Both clubs are made to Ronaldo a hefty signing bonus and salary. But how can Real Madrid Ronaldo one of the world's top star until recovery when free agent and then consider his future? This summer, several top European clubs, including Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain frequent contacts with Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid will not be missed now that clubs are reluctant to pay transfer fee to Real Madrid, Real Madrid just signed a new contract with Ronaldo, completely give up the idea you want to get Ronaldo's free new work contracts of cooperation extended to 2018.