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Beijing time on May 21, fifa 15 coins United Kingdom media, the daily mail reported, this Premier League season has just ended, Moyers and can't wait to go to Manchester United coach, while he is not a real sense of the Manchester United manager. Local time May 20 Monday at 9 o'clock in the morning, Moyes and Ferguson Jazz with sat a car car visiting card spirit Dayton training base, Qian a any sat in car of Deputy driving Shang, Xia a any sat in car of rear, with daily mail words for, Ferguson jazz as "guides people", for Moyes coached United cleared, United old handsome despite retired, but will helped horse sent a drive, for Moyes in United coached created a good of work bad border, certainly also has users laugh said is Ferguson Jazz throne needs pointed out that of is, Moyes is not at present Manchester United manager and his Manchester United contract expires July 1, as Manchester United began pre-season tour in early July, so Moyes had to get to know Manchester United, so at the end of the season, Moyes to Everton after you leave the Club, together with Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United, look at his new Club. United Kingdom media, the daily mail noted that Moyes recently very busy, Everton are now fazed, he must wait until the Toffees after the appointment of new coach, handing over to complete a task, will truly put on the Manchester United job with all my heart. Clearly, considerable suffering for 1.5 months for Moyes, Manchester United and Everton have not pulled down.