Mourinho's coaching genius fifa coins

Without grant and fifa coins Mourinho's coaching genius, at least this year's Chelsea squad was the strongest ever recorded. If it's not in the 2nd leg against Liverpool at Stamford Bridge, eased after one goal ahead, Chelsea should have in just 90 minutes to end the fighting. Liverpool dragged on into the playoffs despite being bitter, but Chelsea still has enough time to recover after the vibrant and exciting game, two players tightly hugged to celebrate Chelsea's first Champions League final, they are Didier Drogba and Michael Ballack. It was two very good muscular fitness, if another 30 minutes of added time game they can cope, but not surprisingly, Drogba has started 26 games for Chelsea this season, Ballack comeback on December 19 last year, his record of appearances so far this season, only 22 starts. It can be predicted that the two men will be in Moscow it was a key figure in the battle, of course, the fitness advantage of some key players will be key to Chelsea's win at Chelsea the perfect lineup means they can rotate to allow players adequate rest. 12 Champions League matches this season without the absence of Claude Makelele, only started 14 games in the Premier League, it is because he has a very good bench players, Nigeria international Mikel started 20 games in the Premier League, substitute 7 games, he only 1 in Champions League starts and 3 substitute.