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Beijing time July 26 late, Hangzhou Greentown sits Hangzhou huanglong Stadium with buy fifa 15 coins Premier Giants United started challenge game, eventually Greentown to 2 8 of big score defeated, Wang has and Otto each scored a ball; United aspects, Giggs staged hat trick, Owen scored twice, Berbatov, and Tosic and Nani each into a ball, game in the United another has 3 times goal hit column face vs United such of rare opportunities, Greentown to out has active attitude, from Club senior to players are has win reference; for further stimulus players, Greentown also open win bonuses, otherwise known as green city also would have "lost ball penalty" in reference to. Greentown performances playing the war over the lineup, how they felt about the new foreign players Andre came to start opening rear shocks reds first penetration of Greentown area, Ng Wai Chiu stole the ball off the line; dissolving the United corner after the offensive, Zhang Ye was fouled Scholes intercepted trying to fight back. The first 3 minutes, Patrice Evra, right-wing cross found Greentown line gap, Berbatov's header hit the bar, but also been adjudged offside. The first 5 minutes, Djordan back-passes without the pressures and directly to Zoran, however Djordan move quickly off Zoran passes, made up for the mistake. Greentown swung the right impact, Andre breakthrough was when Paul Scholes violations, MA free kick cross inside the United box caused some confusion, but neither of the offensive and defensive basic compression control placement Greentown defensive formations in their own half of the field, offensively the main contain Otero and Andre runs. Moments after the defensive, green city on the 13th minute long ball hanging and form offensive, Otto straight edge of the United box on the left, Cai Chuchuan Rio Ferdinand facing small-angle goal away.