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"We to to Old Trafford cheap fifa 15 coins absolute cannot to they too more of respect, on like we first round home as, at is one 0 0 of stuffy war, both are didn't want to lost, again in Old Trafford war flat may on we good, but I not certainly that is right of attitude, in Real Madrid, they usually put draw depending on made defeat, we also to such see, if Manchester City intends to won League champion words. "United in assists this season Nani pronouncements, Manchester United Defender on death's top striker and Captain Carlos Tevez Manchester City, although he has scored 20 goals this season, 4 Man Utd who defected last season scoring 3 goals:" Carlos is a Manchester United player, but now he's the opponent, how are we to stop him? We will not let him feel comfortable, we will not give him any chance, no doubt, Carlos Tevez to Manchester City is very important, but city also has other good players, the Derby is very important to us, we don't want to make any mistakes. "Currently in premier striker list Shang, special dimension Republika only to 1 ball behind Dimitar Berbatov of 19 ball, despite Rooney also also no back best State, but Nani believes Dimitar Berbatov and Rooney of combination than Manchester City striker group excellent, despite opponents just acquisition Eastern Europe front PA dzeko:" we of striker very excellent, and than Manchester City of to badly, Manchester City in past several game has progress, we must in first minutes on began absorbed, they to to we manufacturing trouble, we must proved Old Trafford is a seat not destroy collapsed of fortress, Beating them won't help us lock the title, but people will see how we take it seriously to the top of the top four teams. ”