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Manchester United within cheap fifa coins the Xiao Pang's personal life was not informed. Rooney recently broke the scoop by the media--involved in prostitution scandal, can now say is universally known. But in reality it's not a secret, according to the report in the Sun newspaper, on June 11 this year, the opening of the South Africa World Cup, Manchester United officials already know the England striker while his wife Coleen was pregnant, fooling around with prostitutes several times a Manchester United source revealed that Wayne cheat on his wife to do good things, people were aware of Manchester. The sources said: "at Old Trafford, Rooney and the woman (the prostitute Jenny. Thompson) is hardly a secret, but he did hope scandals won't be as we all know. It is unfortunate, he has been disclosed. ”According to Jenny reached for the news of the world newspaper revealed that Rooney and Jane at Ferdinand's Rosso Italy restaurant, she recalled: "I got there with my girls, when all players in Manchester United, they were drunk. We arranged to meet, but Rooney sees me, and many people face in the half an hour later, he took me by the hand and lead me down the stairs, I remember Owen looked at him with tired, but Rooney does not matter at all, but I'm a little embarrassed. ”However, despite the scandal, but Rooney is supported by the England team-mates, he is expected to participate in the three lions ' early on Wednesday away to Switzerland's Euro 2012 qualifier.