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Manchester United manager fifa 15 coins Sir Alex Ferguson has officially announced retirement at end of season, the Red Devils Manager's successor, becoming the next focus, current indications, Manchester United has clinched new candidates within likely was Everton Manager David Moyes is the Sky Sports News, Manchester United manager candidates will be announced in the next 48 hours. Prior to the daily mail, also known as, according to inside sources, has actually selected a new coach within Manchester, just announced the retirement was announced after Alex, United Kingdom gambling firms, "United's new coach," odds are abnormal, who soared to the top of the first, beyond the previously leading Moyes. News is that it is associated with, maniac negotiations reached a deadlock with Chelsea, Word began to circulate rumors: long-term is appreciated by Ferguson, Mourinho might come to a turning point, into the firing line at Old Trafford but "announced within 48 hours," latest news, actually shows that Mourinho into United's may not be. Since can in so short time within announced, description United early has prepared, and impossible temporary zhua Zhuang Ding, more alone, Mourinho recently also claimed to left in Real Madrid, United can in 48 hours within announced of, only may is a has long has been in quiet plan, and operation of candidates 50 age of Moyes and Everton of contract in this summer due, he does not and too Princess sugar renewal, previously had said to "etc see", now seems, at Moyes of waiting, is may is, and United approached of results in remaining may of candidates in, Moyes seems to be the only hit (around odds to ten-elevenths, one-thirdAnd so on), while the other candidate, for heat and Everton boss seems to have gaps (Klopp sixteen-firsts twenty five-firsts, and OLE Gunnar solskjaer, Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville sixty six-firsts).